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7 of the Best Free Online Resources to Learn About SEO

With SEO professionals in high demand and many marketing and communications people looking to at least understand and implement the basics, “How can I learn more about SEO?” is a question I’ve been asked a lot lately.

In my eyes, SEO is one of the coolest things in the world and I’ve been known to talk people’s ears off about it. For those of you who aren’t blessed (or tortured, sorry) with this opportunity, I’ve put together this list of some of my favourite, tried and tested online resources for learning about SEO and getting started in this wonderful, crazy part of the digital marketing industry.

My #1 Go To SEO Resource: Moz

Friday is the greatest day of the week. Not because it’s the end of the workweek, but because it means it’s time for a new Whiteboard Friday! I’m a reader so I’ll typically just read the transcription but for you visual and audio folk, every Whiteboard Friday includes a fantastic video sharing the latest tips, tricks and explainers on everything you need to know about SEO.

Whiteboard Friday is just one section of their excellent blog full of SEO resources, covering everything from local SEO and link building to technical SEO and crafting high-quality content. If you don’t choose to subscribe (highly recommended), this is definitely an SEO blog you need to be checking regularly.

Finally, Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO is a must-read. Divided into seven sections, the guide is an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive source of knowledge on everything you need to know about SEO from understanding how search engines work (absolutely critical for any aspiring SEO professionals) to conducting keyword research, a rundown of technical SEO and how to craft and implement an SEO strategy.

Search Engine Journal

A close second in my heart, this is the one e-newsletter I faithfully read every day. Search Engine Journal is a great resource not only for SEO, but paid search marketing, PPC and digital marketing in general.

Search Engine Journal is one of my most trusted resources to stay up-to-date on the constantly evolving world of SEO. From the latest algorithm updates (ugh) to new SERP features, I can always count on SEJ to keep me in the loop. Juggling multiple SEO and paid search campaigns doesn’t always leave much time for reading, so SEJ quickly shares what I absolutely need to know and alerts me to what I need to investigate in more depth.

In addition to industry news and updates, they also have a lot of fantastic guides and informational articles that are comprehensive yet quick and easy to understand. From beginners to seasoned pros, everybody can learn something about SEO from Search Engine Journal.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is another excellent online publication to keep up with SEO and paid search knowledge and news. Similar to Search Engine Journal, they offer a great mix of the latest news and ongoing knowledge and tips to help you make the most of your SEO campaigns.

I don’t read Search Engine Watch as much as I used to due to time constraints and I find they don’t publish quite as much as SEJ, but it absolutely makes the list for those looking to learn about SEO.

Neil Patel

My man, Neil! Neil Patel’s blog is an excellent place for comprehensive, yet easy to digest videos and blogs containing excellent SEO tips and actionable advice.

If you have a question about SEO, Neil Patel has the answer. A notable shout out goes to his e-commerce SEO guide for helping me to quickly begin tackling that monster when the opportunity was unexpectedly presented.

Looking for tips on how to write the best titles and meta descriptions for your blog posts? Here’s your case study.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Get your news straight from the horse’s mouth. If you do any work with SEO or websites you need to be following Google Webmaster Central.

While a lot of what they share is technically oriented and may only be relevant to developers or technical SEO specialists, if you’re not in the loop with Google then you could be missing out on key updates and knowledge that could have a serious negative impact on your site if you’re left behind.

Think With Google

While not an SEO-specific resource, Think With Google shares fabulous and timely marketing insights. When done well, SEO shouldn’t exist in a silo, so good marketing knowledge and insights are always relevant for SEO.

SEO is a whole world waiting to be discovered. SEO covers very specific goals and tactics, and it can also be seen as a very broad concept that can and should be integrated into all aspects of website development and content and digital marketing. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, but even implementing basic search engine optimization practices can generate huge results for your blog, website and business.

I love SEO and I feel so lucky to have ended up in this part of the digital marketing industry. I hope these resources serve as a useful starting point for you to learn about SEO and begin your journey down the fascinating, fast-paced, occasionally anxiety-inducing rabbit hole that is search engine optimization.

Are there any more resources you’d add to this list? Any burning questions about SEO you need answered? Leave a comment or connect with me online and let me know!